Chapter 1 / Page 10


And here it is, the grand finale to the first Jack Titan short story. I am very happy to have completed this first project, but I'm even more excited for you to see what I've been working on the past couple of months. In a few weeks, there will be more Jack Titan, and it will be bigger and better than ever—really, I'm putting everything I have into the first proper story arc. It's gonna be a doozy. Spaceships, bounty hunters, giant alien bugs, the introduction of Jack's crew—plus: lots and lots of blood. It's gonna be awesome.

I'll try to have some updates on the site over the next couple of weeks (definitely on "Making Titan", so check it out). 

That's it for now. But Jack is back on Monday, August 6th to kick off his brand new adventure. He'll have some family issues to deal with, plus all of those alien bug things. See you then!


Chapter 1 / Page 8

So, my apologies for this being a little late—I was having some upload issues with SquareSpace, but everything is squared away (that was terrible). Anyway, this is one of my favorite pages in this first little arc, especially the first panel. Also, I really dig the type on this page. It's the little things. I hope you like it!

On a side note, I've started work on the second story arc, which will be more of a full-blown, legit comic-sized story. Once it's finished, I'll be figuring out a way to get it printed, and hopefully into some of your hands! Of course, it will also be posted on the site.